The Maya live immersed in
a cosmos long forgotten​
in industrialized societies.
Thanks to their culture's endurance, today we have the opportunity to step into a more profound life, rediscovering our past knowledge and integrating
it into our new present.

We owe a great bit to those who continue to sacrifice their lives, wealth and opportunity.
So first and foremost, I would like to reach out to you to please help me support those who made it possible to learn from this book, and who, while rich in wisdom and culture, live in economic poverty.
If your heart is willing, please donate:
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Book Reviews:

--Rand Flem-Ath, librarian and coauthor of Atlantis beneath the Ice:

“If you suspect that our technologically proficient culture is losing its soul, then dive into Transcendent Wisdom of the Maya where you will find an entrancing alternative to the relentless sense of urgency that dominates our times.”

--Itzhak Beery, modern shaman and best-selling author of The Gift of Shamanism and Shamanic Healing and editor of Shamanic Transformations:

"Gabriela Jurosz-Landa’s rich and enlightening book is a surprising spiritual journey to mysterious cultures, an inner self-journey and possibly a road-map for our culture’s future survival.

Her destined journey from her native Czechoslovakia to Germany to the USA and Guatemala where she was initiated as a Day-Keeper (Shaman-priestess,) is fascinating.

The anthropologist generously shares deep knowledge and wisdom of the ancient Mayan heritage as she takes us through the process of her initiation. I highly recommend this superb book."



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